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Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring An Architect To Build Your Home

Your dream of building your own house has finally come true and things are about to get started. You have the land, the finances, and also the enthusiasm to do it, but now comes the question if you want to hire an architect or try your own hand at it! Frankly, constructing a house from scratch isn’t an easy DIY project but it takes a humongous amount of detailed hard work where if in case you go wrong, the entire structure ends up disrupted. No one would love to take risks when it comes to such grave projects to be taken on. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely is the architect’s. That is why the world calls them, professionals! 

If you think about the technicalities and complexities that come along with the building and construction of a structure, we say, better leave it to the experts!

Before we go ahead with the things to keep in mind before hiring an architect, let’s start with a little history of architects and where it all began.

The term ‘architect’ first developed as a distinct discipline during the renaissance period in the 16th century, in Italy. It originated from the Greek word arkhitektn, where arkhi meant ‘chief’ and tektn ‘builder’.

Imhotep, the first Greek architect in history, was known for being the architect of Djoser’s step pyramid, which is a six-tier stone monument constructed in 2650 BC, in Egypt.

Who is an architect?

An architect is an expert in planning, designing, and constructing buildings, homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. He/she is a professional whose guidance people look for when starting any construction project. He/ she is a trained professional who has the license to work on different construction projects, be it private or government.

Why is it necessary to hire an architect to build your home?

Better Understanding Of Your Needs

An architect will always start by knowing more about you and your lifestyle. This way he/she will get ideas about the way you want your home to be designed. Constructional plans are drawn on these bases merging both your desires and constructional requirements. We all take designing as an easy job and assume that it can be done on our own but that is not the case and it is always recommended that you take professional help as the architects and interior designers know what is best for you. They come up with creative designs depending on your needs, and give a final 3D design to you first, showing what they can offer you. The more you share with them, the more efficient their plans will be. 

Coordinating With The Contractor

A good architect will keep in touch with the contractor and other professionals to avoid conflict of ideas and also to avoid delay in any of the ongoing processes. Usually, on-site construction comes with a lot of challenges and many times things are uncalled for. In such situations, only an architect knows best how to solve a problem.

Lesser Expense

One who deals with the construction, design and structural aspects of a building also knows what is best and at the best rates. So, it is advisable that hiring an architect will be beneficiary for you as they will come up with the finest and most reasonable solutions to your dreams. It is always a better option than to get conned.  

Professional Design

As we know that architects are specialists and experts who know what they are doing, so we should leave it up to them. They have better and updated designs for your home and also keep your desires and needs to the very front. This is what they are trained to do. They make sure that the designs and drawings they make have the least errors and use technology to handle different processes smartly. Gone are the days when architects used limited 2D drawings and floor plans. Now the same work has become easier and a lot better using 3D floor plans and renders where you can have a clear picture of what is going to be constructed.

The Vision Before Construction

As the term suggests, a vision before construction is the feature where you can see the 3D Models of your dream house and how the architect has carefully incorporated your wishes, wants, needs and desires into the structural design. Once the 3D render is created you can see from all sides and perspectives how your house will look even before the foundation of the building is set. Only architects can do this perfectly and so hiring an architect will be beneficial for you.


Any and every constructional process comes with hardships and challenges, and whenever you are stuck, you feel a need to consult a professional. So why bother? Hire an architect who will look after every tiny detail of your dream project. They come up with the best solutions to your problem, and that too in an unimaginable creative way. Along with this they also keep in mind the cost-effectiveness of the design and solve your problem professionally.

Correct Use Of Materials

Architects have a plethora of knowledge of the materials to be used in different types of construction projects. They are always ready to answer your ‘material-to-be-used’ questions, also they will have a special focus on the budget you allow, quantity and grade for perfect results. If they know of a previous project where similar needs are to be catered then they will show you the material used for those projects and how was the outcome.

Hassle-Free Construction

You want a dream house made for you, but you, the owner don’t have the time to deal with major and minor building issues, as your work and family life keeps you consumed for most of the day. Hiring an architect, for this reason, will make your work progress go smooth and hassle-free. 

Once you trust your architect, it’s their job to take things on from there. Having a cooperative, friendly and trustworthy relationship with your architect will always make things easier for you and your family. 

Now that you know why it is necessary to hire an architect for the construction of your home, you should be knowing a few things to keep in mind while hiring them. Below are given a few essential points to look out for-

1. Architect’s Work Experience In Your Area

Different areas have their unique zoning and structural guidelines which the architect must follow. We cannot say that what measures are taken to construct flat-surfaced areas will also suit the hilly regions. So it is crucial to know the architect’s experience in working with similar topographical regions and how well he had been doing in it. If the architect is well-read and experienced in dealing with areas like yours, then it will make your hunt for architects, easy. 

2. Architect’s Openness To Your Ideas And Feedback

Always see if the architect you want to hire is ready to welcome your ideas and opinions on the design of your house. There are times when they tend to ignore the client’s desires and ideas and focus on how they want things done, even if you are the owner of your house. If you want to give feedback on any of the minor projects or ideas, see if they have an openness to it or not. Having a word with them or your first meeting with them will give you a clear idea about it. 

3. Architect’s Design Process

There is a certain process which is to be followed when it comes to the designing process of any building project. It might not be essential that all the architects follow it but can have their own way of proceeding with things. Usually, there is a three-four steps method included, but every architect has his own style to proceed. It is recommended to involve the architect and the interior designer in the initial stages of your building process as it gives way to smooth functioning and avoids conflicts as well. 

4. Architect’s Method Of Charging

One of the key factors for things to keep in mind while hiring an architect is the cost attached to the services. Though it should not be the only essential factor, still it is important for you to know how they charge. Usually, architects have their ways of charging, for example, the project’s area in square feet, hourly or daily, or lump sum amount. Always clear things out beforehand with the architect to avoid confusion later on. 

5. Architect’s Estimated Timeline For Your Project

There can be a few reasons why your project can be delayed and some of them can be an increasing demand for heavy material, unavailability of items, weather conditions, loss of important links, or at times delayed feedback from your side. These factors at times can be under their control and sometimes not. If in case you take a lot of time to send your consent or feedback to them, it automatically will delay your project further. If the architect takes time to review the project with his team members then again things will be pushed further. So always adhere to these factors before hiring an architect. 

6. Architect’s Fee Charge (Inclusions and Exclusions)

It is not that all architects will have a fixed set of rules to develop on a project but they all have their own ways to offer services to their clients. Some may include tiny details and some might just offer a basic level of project management. Some architects give detailed floor plans along with BOQs where everything is documented with minute details and others may not. So again it is essential for you to know all that your architect is including or excluding from their services and how much they are charging for it.

7. Architect’s Budget Management

Budget is the main key when you begin with your dream project. We all agree with it. Everyone has a dream to have their own home but budget is what stops us from thinking any further. Anyway, once you decide that you want to hire an architect to build your home, the first thing you do is give an estimated cost to them so that they begin with the project accordingly. Managing the total cost of everything in the allotted budget is what an architect should keep in mind, as he/she has different managing teams to deal with while working on the project and if their entire team is well aware of the estimated budget, then things are most likely to run smooth. 

You too should keep a track of all things necessary falling under your given budget, as we all know, big projects are all team efforts. 


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