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Ar. Nikhil Grack
Sanjauli, Shimla
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A footwear store designed and built in Shimla, is a work of art. The dark themed shoe store is constructed in a descending nest among the trees and the cool breeze of the hills. It is a one of a kind store in the town and its moody tones will leave you awestruck and entice any youngster to visit the store at least once.

The Shoe Box, as the name suggests, is a contemporary store designed with all modern elements used, be it the ledges, open brackets, racks or floating shelves. The designers have chosen black and tan as the base colour around which the entire theme of the store revolves.

The light fixtures used here are mainly concealed, projected and industrial looking which once again uplifts the aura of the place. If we talk about the seating, stools and benches are carefully selected and placed at appropriate places where the customers will be needing them the most, keeping in mind the confort of each as well.

When things are black, they automatically give a modern and a sophisticated look to it, and same is the case here. The all black ceiling, lights, shelves and racks, adds character to it and to maintain the balance and not make the interiors too dark, browns and tan have been wisely used to brighten up the space.

Lastly, the display of the shoes are very clear and placed at a normal eye level, not too low or too high. It makes customers grab each shoe easily and the lighting which is fixed above each rack or individual shoe makes the shoe exclusive and distinct.