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A cluster of A-frame cottages on a hilltop is a unique sight for anyone who would place their eyes on it. Built in the lap of nature, surrounded by greens and fresh aromatic pines and eucalyptus, is an eco-resort designed in the most outstanding way to cater to the clients and give them an experience of a lifetime.

Each cottage is designed with full comfort services including seating, bedding, eating, and lounging facilities. The architecture of these cottages is cut with solutions keeping in mind the different age groups of guests who would love to spend some quality time with their families and friends.

The spiral staircase leading to the bedroom area is smartly designed in an enclosed attic structure. The interiors are well lit, adding to the overall ambiance of the cottage collection and huge windows and skylights welcome natural light during the daytime to brighten up the whole cottage.

One can spare some time to appreciate the open vista that is painted in front of them, glancing out of giant windows and feeling the mood of warm lit attic shapes of a typical Himalayan peak.

The cottages are linked to one another through neatly planned stairs which again are well-lit passages guiding your way through the cottages which are given strong support from beneath making its foundation strong enough to hold the entire cottage’s weight.

architect: Ar. Nikhil Grack
project type:
Location: Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh