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Ar. Nikhil Grack
Gram Panchayat Thanadhar
Thanadhar, Dist. Shimla H.P.
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A contemporary house or a Panchayat Bhagwan? Confused right? Here we have a double storey Panchayat Bhawan with extra attic space located at a high altitude in the mountains. Designed in a modern style this structure is unique in its own way and not a design commonly seen around. 

The entrance of this project has huge glass doors which look neat and updated whenever you lay your eyes on it. The flight of stairs towards the left side is designed in a precise way with brick and wood wall making it minimal yet voguish. 

The light fixtures which are used for the exterior and interiors are again trendy choices made by the designers as they know what suits best to complete a modern space. Lights always uplift an interior or exterior space and so it is wisely chosen and used by the professionals. During the night when the lights are turned on, it will clearly be seen from the outside through the huge glass doors attracting everyone’s attention. 

To it’s front, the brick wall detail is designed where the ‘Gram Panchayat’ board sticks to complement itself making the entire structure engaging and captivating to the passers by.