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Ar. Nikhil Grack
M/s Shivalik Group
Chail, Shimla, H.P.
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A six storey resort constructed in the hills of Shimla is an upcoming crashing site for the tourists. Shimla resorts had always been attracting tourists from all over the nation, to come visit the hills and experience the breathtaking mountainous views and the pleasant weather conditions. 

This resort built at a higher altitude with ample attic space, huge room accommodations and never to forget, the tiny balconies for the people to enjoy the wide view of the open valley. Talking about the beautiful vistas, the balconies have a glass railing so that view does not get hindered in any way. Even if the guests have little babies or kids with them, they too can enjoy the view outside which is special to Shimla hills and they won’t have to carry them in their arms to show them the mountains outside.

The structure is pretty huge for a mountainous region, but certainly worth it. All the floors are identical, maintaining their aesthetics and also keeping in mind the functionality and the ease that the guests should feel everytime they book the resort for themselves. 

Towards the front end of the resort there are windows from the bottom till the top to welcome natural day light and sun rays to travel indoors and warm up the space as well. 

The resort will cater to the guests’ needs and wants, making their trip to Shimla, a memorable one.