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Ar. Nikhil Grack
Mr. Dalip Singh
Kotgarh, H.P.
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A farmhouse cottage located in Shimla hills designed with unique window structure and English fireplace. The extended patio connected to its terrace with steep slope roof structure fits best for hilly areas.

The unique fireplace structure which is visible from the exterior of the cottage, is built all in bricks giving it a warm vibe. The tall outlet chimney complements the façade of the cottage giving it an English rural stance.

As it is located amidst the groves of the mountains, the steep roofs allow the snow to melt faster during the winter months and the wide glass openings help the cottage to be warmed up naturally through the sunrays that travel indoors at specific times.

The little terrace has been designed above the patio for the residents to have a wide-open view of the mountains and wildlife around it and the attic rooms are too designed keeping in mind the natural lighting and the cosiness needed during the cold months.

The front section of the cottage is secluded from the rest of the structure for privacy features but it too is connected to the cottage in a distinctive way.