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Ar. Nikhil Grack
Mrs. Anita Dhorta
Kotgarh, H.P.
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A modern mansion designed in a traditional California style with a clean placement of doors, windows and roofs. A smooth driveway and lawn adds to its modernity. 

If you look closer, there is a set of symmetrical windows and the chic design of each panel. The placement of the balcony right above the window on the ground floor gives it a camouflage appearance. On the left side, a clear driveway along with a shed is constructed to make sure the vehicles remain safe from harsh weather and sun and can be parked smoothly maintaining the security of the vehicle. 

The very first look of this house immediately reminds of the typical American houses as its design and structure loudly speaks for it. The roof is sloping as it is a house constructed in the hilly areas in Shimla, so proofing the house from rain and snowfall is to be thought of, as early as possible. 

Talking about the open space outside, a lush lawn is designed for the family members to enjoy the sun and the playful times with their kids outside. Who doesn’t like a garden or a lawn outside their home? That is why we make sure they are included in the design to uplift the overall look of the residence and for the residents to make the most of it.