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Ar. Nikhil Grack
Mr. Hitesh Sirkeck
Bithal, Himachal Pradesh
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A modern restaurant with all the luxurious amenities under one roof. It has a wide-spanning area which will give anybody a metropolis feel through its ambiance and vibe. It’s unique in its own way as the walls and the ceilings have been given a very contemporary look through their mouldings and carvings.

The entire interior of the restaurant is based on a modern theme as the chairs and the tables showcase an instant fashionable sense fused into it. Concealed lighting fixtures along with modern-day chandeliers have been carefully placed to give the best lighting on each table and seating section.

As for the very well sculpted round pillars, they are the center of attraction in this restaurant. The craftsmanship behind the detailed work of these pillars is worth applauding. Everything is constructed very carefully in this restaurant as we have sectioned the buffet area with enough walking space and made separate lounging and eating area for bigger groups of people to come and enjoy their meal with their friends and family.

An eatery designed and constructed in the hills is an everyday thing, but such an eatery? Quite exceptional!