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Add Wood to Your Interiors to Give Your Home a Royal Look

Richness and royalty comes with the use of top-notch components in your home interiors and wood is the one that solves this purpose at full length. It is a classic and timeless material that has been used by human beings ever since they started to design and create things. Along with this, wood is a very versatile material as it can be moulded and carved into different thematic moods; modern, luxurious, rustic, or royal. It brings warmth, cosiness and earthy vibes with it and the use of wooden elements around your home will definitely blend things together to give a rich ambiance to your home if implemented properly, without overdoing it.

Advantages Of Wood in Architecture


Environment Friendly

As we know wood is a natural element, so it obviously becomes an environment-friendly feature installed in our homes. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen and so a ton of carbon emissions are saved if wood is used in construction which becomes a safe and healthy option for the residents of that house. 

But if we keep cutting down trees for our safety and benefits, who will be responsible for the environment itself? For this, most countries have made strict laws where a tree has to be planted for every tree cut down, to maintain a proper balance in our environment. 


Saves Energy and Helps Insulate

Wood is a great alternative to save energy as it can be warmed up more easily than metal or concrete. You must have noticed wooden homes get warm quickly and concrete homes remain cold no matter what heating elements you use. This way wood can be beneficial for you as it saves energy and electricity bills too. 

Wood is an economical alternative and safe as well. Metal and concrete have a tendency to expand and contract during winter and summer months and that is why they become less strong and might cause unevenness in their formation. Whereas wood, even after expanding a little, still holds itself together strongly, which means it will have lesser gaps to be filled by air, and lesser energy to be utilized to warm it up. 


Wholesome Natural Element 

As already mentioned, wood is a natural element that is God given to us all, the use of them in construction makes it healthier for us. No harmful chemicals are released from trees themselves and the process of installing them in our homes does not need chemical solutions. 

It is said that people with some respiratory and nervous system problems can benefit from trees and their bark. If you have such people in your family then using wood as one of the main materials in the construction of your homes, will definitely be helpful to them. 


Rust Free

Have you heard of or witnessed wood rusting? No! That’s because it never rusts. It might oxidize or wear old if used in a moist or damp room, but it never attracts rust, unlike metal. Rust eats up metal leaving it weak and not dependable. 


Non-Toxic for Humans and Pets

If you have children, senior people, or pets in your family, be stress-free while using wood. It is not a harmful element and will never hurt anyone. Children and pets tend to keep running around the house and be playful, so after using wooden material in your home you will save yourself from the worry of them getting injured seriously. Even if you inhale slightly moist wood, it still won’t hurt, as it is a non-toxic natural element. 


Money Saver

If we say wood is light in weight, what do you understand from it? Easy to carry? Easy to install? Easy to cut and carve? Exactly! But does that not imply it will save time and labor, further saving on the working hours and finally money? 

Chances are that its lightweight will fasten different processes, ultimately making things cheaper for you come what may. Be it the weather conditions or limited time window, you can do wonders with wood. 


Muffles Sound

Once again, wood is a good sound insulator as it helps absorb harsh sounds around the room and your voice never echoes in the room where wood paneling, dido, or other wooden features are used. In the old theatres if we see, wood interiors, stages, walls, and domes were used to naturally dampen sound and stop the echoing in the entire theatre. 

Types Of Wood Used in Architecture


Ever since man has come across different ways to build things, wood has been the main source and element used in the process starting from the very beginning of human life. Man used to make weapons for hunting, tools, toys, other bits and pieces of furniture for his cave, and later on wheels, rafts and sledges too. 

Gradually wood became so famous among builders and architects that to date it is used in the construction of buildings and homes, all projects big or small. There are a few particular types of wood that are used in architecture categorized under hard and softwood. Pine and Cedar are considered soft and Teakwood and Oak, are hardwood. Let us read a little about each. 


Pine Wood 

Softwood comes from evergreen trees which are usually found in colder regions of a country. Pine, is a soft wood that is easy to shape, paint and stain. It expands and contracts lesser as compared to other wood. Pine is considered best to make doors, windows, and outdoor furniture as well. 


Cedar Wood

Cedar is again a softwood that is brownish in colour and it is said that it is insect and rot-resistant. They have a particular fragrance to them and are best for making chests, drawers and storage containers. 



Hardwood trees are not that alive in winter seasons and mostly they are fruit or nut-producing trees. They are heavier and thicker in their structure as compared to softwood. Teakwood is said to be weather and rot-resistant. It is very strong and durable and is best for doors and windows, beds and cupboards, and outdoor chairs, and picnic tables. 


Oak Wood

Oakwood is again a hardwood which is a good moisture and fungus-resistant wood. It is commonly used around the globe and is best for furniture, shelves, and cupboards.

Ways To Use Wood in Your Interior for A Royal Character


  1. Wall Panelling

You must have noticed, wall panelling is used in rustic, farmhouse or old countryside homes and cottages. They give a very warm feel to the space and is mostly used throughout the house. Wall panelling is also a classic as it is used in royal homes and castles all around the world adding to the luxuries of the residents of the house. British architecture, and most European countries install wall panelling to warm up their homes and add to the character of their lifestyle. 

You can always use wall panelling if you want to give your home a royal character or if you too live in a similar climatic condition as the Europeans. 

2. Wooden Floors

These days wooden floors have become a thing among most people. Especially the ones who live in colder regions of the country. Fair enough, winter seasons make homes extremely cold if proper heating systems are not installed initially and even then, wood makes everything look and feel better. 

Wood flooring is mainly chevron or parquet flooring which is used widely as it gives tiny detailed patterns of your choice to the floor which looks appealing and characteristic as well. Be it luxurious, rustic, or modern, wood flooring will never disappoint you. If we talk about royal look, what can be better than wooden floors, be it dark or light in colour which matches or contrasts your wall panelling and lighter coloured interior furniture? 


  1. Wooden Doors and Windows

Everyone knows that most doors and windows are made of wood, but making them in a way that they look royal is something different. How does a door or a window look different from each other? It depends mainly on its shape, form and carving. A door’s sash, rail, casing, trim, panel and sill designed in a hundred different ways, is what makes it stand out from the rest. 

What can make a door look royal and sophisticated? Well, the height, width, design, rail, panel and trim does it all. Which colour of paint or polish you are using and which type of door handles and knobs are used, on the whole, makes it a rich-looking door. Use of brass, crystal and expensive wood makes all the difference and leaves a huge impression on the person who stands knocking on it. 

Windows, on the other hand, have same specifics like panels, sills, jambs, sashes, and the type of glass used. Carvings and trims uplift the entire appearance of the window and if you use high-quality glass or maybe stained or tinted glass, every little minute detail will shape your doors and windows in varied styles. 

  1. Wooden Ceilings

Wooden ceilings are one of the best options to go with if you want a royal look for your house. They definitely are the classic elements to use to boost the royal ambience of your house. Wooden ceiling with chandeliers or wooden beams with stained and polished finish uplifts the cohesiveness of the theme. Interior designers usually suggest using projected beams for the house or if in case the house already has beams, they facelift it by covering it with wooden planks and fix light fixtures according to the need of the client or whatever the ambience of the space demands. 


5. Wooden Stairs

Royalty comes with an outstanding flight of wooden stairs that shine with lustre, rich tan appearance and when you touch the handrail, you are at bliss. Wooden stairs give you an ecstatic experience especially when they have curves and edges nicely and carefully carved and polished. 

If you are still looking for a more royal character, go for a strongly defined staircase pillar in the shape of any animal or if you want to keep it minimal yet rich, go for a column pillar or a peg-shaped wooden pillar. 


6. Wooden Furniture

If we talk classic and royal, we talk of wooden chairs, tables, cupboards, shelves, partitions and whatnot. It is apparent that wood interiors will have wooden furniture all around the house, and if you add classic and evergreen wood pieces, it will already start to come together as your own royal castle. 


  1. Wooden Decor

The very last way to use wood in your interiors for a royal look is, of course, decor. Now, decoration is like a cherry on a cake and imperative in order to complete the entire ambience of your house. What good is a home without any decor?

Wooden decor items placed carefully here and there in your home is a big yes. But you have to be careful not to overdo it as it will kill the very smooth and balanced ongoing vibe. 

What you can add as wooden decor pieces? Let us start with, wooden animal busts which can go up on the walls of a library, hallway, or living room. You can use driftwood too, but again only one or two pieces in a room. Wood frame mirrors, wooden candlesticks, wooden photo frames, wood stick lamps, art and figurines and most importantly, chopped wood for the fireplace in your home. Some more wooden elements to your house? How about cane and rattan? Not exactly wood, but still a natural earthy component for the interiors of your beautiful home. 


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