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10 Best Modern Home Renovation Ideas To Make Your Home Beautiful

There is a creative little soul in all of us and whenever it pops out, it is for the good. Without a doubt, we can say that whenever you’re at home- in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or dining area, a thought of renovating and making your space better, popped up in your mind at least once. Home renovation ideas are such, that all of us keep having them in our minds, like a never-ending reel, that is why we have the professionals to help us out with our home renovation. Below are listed ten modern home renovation ideas to make your home beautiful.

Use Glass

What could glass possibly do? It can make visions better, allow light to flow in, and brighten up space and it can give your room a very modern and chic look as well. 

If there are sections or areas in your house which are wide and open but lack the sense of aesthetic pleasure and practicality, one can always use a glass wall to separate the two adjoining sections. Modern home renovation ideas come with many solutions, for example, the kitchen and living area, lobby and the office area, or library and living area, and the division created using glass walls or partitions. 

Here, in this picture, we can see how neatly the glass partitions are used to break the monotony of the wide-open space. Again, it can be your personal choice if you want to add white drapes just for some privacy. 

Link Your Home With A Garden

Man is nature’s son, and we crave to get back to nature time and again, especially when the fast-paced world starts to take over our lives and keeps us snowed down with work. Most of you would agree, but ever thought about how can we make our homes in such a way that would keep us close to the natural environment and release us from all the stress whenever we need it? 

Well, homes can always be connected to backyards and gardens in a way that it takes the least effort to reach there and read a book sitting on an Adirondack chair by the fire pit, sip coffee under the shade of a maple tree, start digging in and replanting the flowers that you did or just walk barefoot on the lush green lawn, just to have a therapeutic quality time with nature. 

Home renovation isn’t only about the interiors or exteriors of the house but also about the outside environment where your house stands. What good is a house on the inside when it’s located in a dusty, undone place? That is why they say, what looks good on the outside shall look good on the inside, and gardens and lawns, well landscaped are the best solution to this problem.

Facelift Old Doors And Windows

Living in a modern and updated home is everyone’s dream. People seek modern and new ways of expressing their lifestyle, but little do they know that classics remain classics. Nowadays blending the old Victorian, British, and French with the modern is in vogue. This could be a real challenge for interior designers to renovate a home in a modern style and also not lose the old essence of classical elements. 

Home renovation for such clients would only make sense if the needful is done, not hurting their feelings and sentiments by damaging their ancestral furniture, doors or windows, or maybe just an old wooden plank which was to be revamped to be designed into the main gate or a countertop. 

What more is in trend these days is the use of farmhouse or church windows as a décor item, placed on the console table right in the entryway. Placed with a wooden bench and some cane and bamboo baskets, it instantly gives a nice cosy and rustic touch, as soon as the person walks into your home.

Welcome Natural Light

Natural lighting is a must in home renovation as it brightens up your house which not only allows light to travel in but uplifts your mood as well. If you have spaces that remain dark throughout the day, designing such areas with huge windows, vents or open ceilings can be a good set of choices to make. We all have some dark spots in our homes where even during the daytime we have to switch on lights, which consumes electricity. We can always fix these problems with the above-given options and can also incorporate glazing solutions wherever needed and wherever possible.

Keep The Originals And The Antiques

Home renovation comes with a million ideas and suggestions for the clients but it depends on them on what they prefer and connect the most to. One thing which is very imperative for some people is that they do want their home or apartment to be renovated but they just can’t let go of the original pieces showcased in their place. And if we talk about the vintage or antique elements, who would want to just dump them away? 

So, the first rule of the interior designers and the experts who renovate your homes is to acquaint themselves with the needs and wants of their clients, for which such challenges keep them excited and focused at the same time. 

Brick wall details added to the kitchen or the living area enhances and gives it a character that people look forward to. Brick walls are old school, but these days they are pretty in. Now it’s your choice whether you want to paint it deep red or black. If we talk about modern space then black should go with the whole chic and contemporary look of the rest of the apartment, and deep red could be used to break the monotony of colours if they are so used.

Split Up Areas And Sections

Home renovation means building up areas or extending some parts of your home to add to the beauty or to add to convenience or comfort. For this, we have many suggestions and solutions, from which, splitting up areas or sections is one. Now we are not talking about dividing the parts as in to break them away but to give them a different layout and add to the character. Designing a division can separate the two parts in a very smart and contemporary way by giving the structure a whole new level up. 

For such home renovations, we can always use wood flooring, tile, or stone. The choice of material to be used depends entirely on the way that section will be designed and what will suit best to its aesthetics. 

Once the floor level is increased, it sections out that part of the house and creates an imaginary or illusionary divide, which is for the feasibility and the exquisiteness of the newly renovated house.

Upgrade Light Fixtures

What lights up your home is what lights up your mood. Lighting plays a very crucial role in terms of interior design or home renovation. How bright or low a light in a room is, switches your mood and affects your mind and eyes as well. 

Though classic lighting fixtures are evergreen, one has to upgrade them once you revamp your space in a contemporary style. It wouldn’t match the interior décor if we install old Victorian chandeliers with an industrial look. 

With an industrial theme, light fixtures with Edison bulbs would go the best. Pendant lights, floor lamps, wall-mounted fixtures, and chic sconces would add a cherry on the cake to complete the industrial look and do justice to the home renovation.

Introduce Contemporary Art/ Photography

Art is a huge part of home renovation because nothing can make it complete in itself if the walls go blank. Abstract art as we all know it is pretty much in vogue. With modern architecture and interior design, it is apparent for people to go for contemporary art, be it in any form. It can be huge abstract paintings, figurines, artefacts, or photography. 

Coming to modern-day photography, people have an inclination toward getting huge black and white photos of models, buildings, doors, streets, faces, silhouettes etc, put up on their walls, just to express their updated and well-explored personality. This shows us that people have clearly grown out of the old-fashioned photography style which was all about flowers, landscapes, rainbows etc. 

The paintings that go up the walls are mainly abstract with the use of a plethora of colours and undefined strokes and squiggles. What makes abstract art so pleasing these days, is the huge scope of opinions and interpretations it holds for its admirers. Clear cut-out figures can limit the way you interpret a piece of art, but if you are given only shapes, strokes, colours, forms, etc, the chances are that your mind starts to connect them with your personal experiences, thoughts, perspective and visions. 

Art is not limited, and so isn’t home renovation. After paintings and photography, modern décor pieces, are essential too. Modern designs of ceramic vases, figures, coffee table artefacts, and metal frames always compliment a contemporary space.

Modern Furniture And Furnishing

Furniture and furnishings that you incorporate in your home, again is a game changer. Coming back to the modernity of the house, it is better suited if we choose that furniture which is in vogue as well as it goes with the vibe of the entire house. 

These days tripod legs are taking over along with the use of velvet upholstery, and golden and silver metal details with a vast variety of seating choices in the market. Sectional sofas, L-shaped sofas, wing chairs, cloud couches, bean bags and poufs, floor couches, love seats, chaises, loungers, mid-century modern sofas, etc. Tufted backs for beds, chairs, and sofas are everywhere to be seen and if it goes with your aesthetics then they can be added to uplift the look of the entire house. 

Fur cushions, metal stand planters, side tables with metal legs, floating shelves, etc can also be thought over and chosen as per your preference based on how masculine, feminine or neutral you want to keep them. Home renovation offers varieties and choices on almost every tiny bit of home décor and renovation ideas, so that it becomes crystal clear to the clients, as to what they want and how it would look once done.

Correct Use Of Colours

Colours play a very crucial role in making choices for every single thing we wear, eat, paint or buy. It definitely reflects our persona and that is how correct use of them, makes a huge difference. While beginning with the home renovation project, one must have at least a little idea of which colours they would prefer. Now if you had planned to renovate your home in a modern style, you have choices with colours, for example, the neutrals or the brights. 

The neutrals include- beige, ivory, linen, porcelain, cream, dove, nude, tan and khaki etc. choosing this colour palette will make your space brighten up and have a very soothing effect on the eyes every time you enter your home. These colours have a very calm effect on the brain and make you do chores around the house or relax in a better way. Now, these colours are best for couches, curtains, wall colours, home décor and also kitchen appliances. 

The brights include- yellows, reds, blues, and greens. Shades of each of these can be toned up or down and can be used to break the monotony of blacks, whites, and greys. For example, if your living room is mostly grey and white, you can pop colours with yellow cushions or a blue accent wall, or maybe a green shade wing chair. 

Home renovation is not as easy as it looks but is a lot more complex. Making a mood board might still sound easy but when you try to lay down all those elements in the living space, chances are that you might not like how the entire feel of that space turned out, or maybe you weren’t able to find that furniture item or paint colour in your local market easily. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why people approach the experts and then start working on their home renovation projects.


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