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Best Architects in Shimla | Best architectural firm in Himachal Pradesh


We design with an aesthetic sense. Making your dreams a reality: transforming your space into your dream house.

Client's focus

Our team of architects help you design a house that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Whether you want to build a small guesthouse or an entire commercial building, our experienced designers will work with you every step of the way from concept to completion. Our architectural firm brings high level selfless dedication to the work when it comes to the client's focus, and we consider these service related aspects as our priority which are communication, responsibility, interaction, and suggestions. We make efforts to provide our clients with the highest professional quality and level of service.


Based on our interpretation of the client's needs, analysis of the building site, surrounding environment, and budget consideration, we create a design that manages these parameters. As based in the hills (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh), zoning of the buildings in hilly terrain is important so we provide one of the most unique architectural styles which is the combination of traditional architecture as well as modern architecture with the latest technology.


Dokotsa- The Architecture and Interior Designers in Himachal Pradesh know the functionalities of building in hilly terrain which makes us stand out as the best architectural firm in Shimla (Himachal Pradesh). Our architectural design experts bring their comprehensive experience to many projects (both residential and commercial) to make your space aesthetically pleasing by adding a vibrant touch of elegance and functionality.

Architectural Supervision

We provide architectural design and interior design with our unique concepts like hill architecture and seismic proof buildings as per the BIS seismic zonation map. Himachal Pradesh falls in seismic zone four and five so we keep all the building services in consideration like water supply services, fire escape, electric circuits, and sanitation.

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Best Architect in Shimla | Best architectural firm in Himachal Pradesh
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Our Philosophy in Simple and Quality Design

Throughout every project we undertake, we inject elegance, simplicity, and clarity into the design. Instead of thinking of every room as a separate entity, we consider the property as a whole, paying attention to flow, practicality, and ambiance.

We basically work on the unique concept of hill architecture by combining both traditional as well as modern architecture.

Belongs to the hills and have good knowledge of hill architecture.

Expert in how to design safe structures in hilly terrain.

I am graduated from the National Institute Of technology Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh.

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Our Philosophy in Simple and Quality Design

Himachal Pradesh offers an amazing place for traditional architecture, ancient wooden homes, and architecture of temples. This very region has preserved its old architectural style with the utmost perfection; the Himalayas. These buildings can be examples of best architecture.

For architects, designing in hilly areas is a tedious task because it requires an understanding of structural aspects of built form in relation to its topography. The best part of this architecture isn't just about good looks but it adds up to the overall living experience within a community.

Architecture in hilly areas is very complex, as the design needs to be taken according to different aspects like soil, water, and air. Our team always keeps these factors in mind before we execute any plan for our clients.

The best architect in Himachal Pradesh is one who can handle the hilly conditions gracefully.  The easiest way to proceed with this would be to layout the design for the best architectural styles in hilly areas on a plane sheet and then build on that. Earlier houses were mostly made of wood, stone, or mud but now people prefer concrete as the best product available.
Materials like PVC pipes can also be used as they are cost-effective and easy to work with. It has good tensile strength so there are fewer chances of cracks developing due to earthquakes or any other reason.

We use steel, glass, fiber and reinforced concrete in homes. These reinforced plastics are the best architectural styles in hilly areas which are best for building a house. We provide prefabricated modular kitchens in designs which are cheap, lightweight, easy to install, looks good, easy to transport, and can be dismantled if required. 

All projects at Dokotsa are examined, based on its first principle on how to passively provide the fundamentals of comfort, safety, liveability, and yet sustainably respond to the local climate and ecology while remaining economically viable and globally pertinent.

You always imagined your dream home or office. To make it a reality, you will need the guidance of someone who understands the vision you have for the ideal home or office.

S: SUSTAINABLE: Energy-efficient buildings that consume 75% less

O: OPTIMISED: Integrated Project Delivery for Resource Optimization

U: UNIQUE: Client, climate & context-responsive design

L: LIVEABLE: Building user-centric according to the environments

Best Architect in Shimla | Best architectural firm in Himachal Pradesh

Your Dream House

We believe everyone deserves a place they love coming home to every day. That’s why we work with our clients from start to finish on their dream projects – so they get exactly what they want without any surprises along the way.


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Studio provides a full range
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We provide 2D planning
for great visualization

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What People Say

"A highly recommended firm for everyone who wants to construct and design their houses or built a commercial property as well. All the employees are very professional and well equiped to understand your requirements and deliver accordingly.A special mention to Nikhil Grack who is very skilled , approachable and understood my specifications and designed by house according to that only. I am absolutely satisfied by their expertise and urge everyone to avail their services."
Mr. Varun Sharma
Client of Company